So, wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to a network of the smartest IT Professionals, who reside within 30 miles of your office?

With the expertise to access the most sought after IT workers, South Florida IT Staffing provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions to address your evolving business needs. Whether it’s a need to replace your recently retired CIO or CTO, hire an experienced Cloud Architect, C# Developer, Data Manager, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager, Network Infrastructure Engineer or Cyber Security Engineer, South Florida IT Staffing is the best choice to help your organization secure top talent.

Partner with South Florida IT Staffing and access our network of nearly 3 million pre-qualified IT candidates, local to the state of Florida. From contract to permanent to contract-to-hire, we can connect you with the specialists you need for your specific roles. South Florida IT Staffing can source the smartest IT talent where and when you need it!

Why work with South Florida IT Staffing?

  1. Over 40 years of experience in the IT Recruitment & Staffing industry
  2. Our team will never run out of resources, who work for your competition or a company who hosts the same technical environment as your company.
  3. South Florida IT Staffing goes the extra mile, allowing their clients 24/7 access to our Recruiters, who will always take your calls and gladly perform services for your company after hours, to include over the weekend.

IT Professionals want to speak with and be represented by intelligent Recruiters who understand IT and can properly present their skills and capabilities to the employer. Within the first 5 seconds of a conversation these IT Professionals know whether that Recruiter understands technology. We are very technical and can effectively communicate with IT Professionals at all levels. The IT Professionals on the receiving end of our calls respect our knowledge and are eager to work with us because of this.

South Florida IT Staffing has a glowing reputation with employers and job seekers in this area. We are known for being honest & straight forward in our approach to business. We do not oversell the capabilities of the IT Professional that we represent. We are known for always finding success when filling those hard to fill IT positions for employers. Our clients are always shocked and rave about our speed and our accuracy. There has never been a negative post written up about our firm on glass door, etc. South Florida IT Staffing takes tremendous pride in our unblemished reputation. We cannot compete with the size of our staffing firm competitors, so we focus on surpassing them with the quality & open communication and precision staffing that we offer.

South Florida IT Staffing does not allow their candidates to negotiate or ever renegotiate their salary or rate requirements with your company. Our firm will never seek an increase in a salary, rate requirement or staffing fee, after our initial presentation to your company. We will offer your company all of the information, to include salary history and salary requirements on day 1. Those numbers shall not change at any time during this process.

South Florida IT Staffing conducts extremely thorough interviews, speaks with current and past employers and goes online to search for anything undesirable about the people that we represent. We commit to know everything about the people that we represent to assure your company a smooth hire and eliminate the chance for any surprises during or after the hiring process.

Our Fees are as follows:

Perm Fee

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30-Day Payment Terms

90-Day Guarantee

Discounted Perm Fee

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10-Day Payment Terms

60-Day Guarantee

Pre-Paid Retainer

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Paid Prior to Search Efforts

90-Day Guarantee

Select the fee, payment terms and guarantee that best suits you. Within 1 hour, one of our Recruiters will contact you to make a formal introduction, answer any of your questions and provide you the applicable placement agreement. After receiving your signed placement agreement, we will then immediately begin our search efforts on your behalf.