Our team consists of highly experienced, fast, accurate, mass-producers, who will consistently identify the perfect recruits for your company.

40+ years experience

  • Benefit from their ability to achieve quick success for all of your hiring needs.
  • Enjoy an efficient process with expedited results due to our Recruiter’s years of successful experience working with employers and job seekers throughout the state of Florida and abroad, staffing employer’s various departments with the best available talent.

One of the largest Florida based candidate databases in the staffing industry

Our Recruiters are all required to invest a lot of time and effort into candidate engagement, even when there are no immediate positions to be filled. That way, when the position opens, they already have a pool of top talent at their disposal to share with you. Our recruiting capabilities and tactics go way beyond internet recruiting, allowing us to get past the gate keepers of your competition, introducing you to non-job seekers and passive job seekers. We have been canvassing the state of Florida for 40+ years and can now boast one of the largest Florida based candidate databases in the recruitment and staffing industry, representing nearly 3,000,000 Professionals.

Elite Recruiting Team

  • Our Recruiting Team is comprised of only Sr. Recruiters, who have 15 years of successful experience within the state of Florida.
  • The team receives cutting edge, continuous training in order to best serve all of your recruitment & staffing needs.
  • Our Recruiters are an experienced and skilled group of careful listeners, tough & thorough interviewers, who will not waste your time having you interview anyone that does not precisely match your hiring needs.
  • Our hit/miss ratio is excellent and the large majority of our clients are repeat customers.

Consistent precise accurate staffing

  • Fast, deliberate and efficient staffing

Our Recruiters are all mass producers, who are trained to work at a furious pace and be extremely accurate when identifying that perfect recruit, rarely needing to send more than 3 resumes, or more than 5 business days, before achieving a hire.

Flexible, negotiable pricing and guarantees

*Below industry standard rates offered for all services provided.
Please give us a call at 877-366-3605 to compare our prices and flexibility to Robert Half, KForce, Modis, Manpower, etc.?

Our Fees are as follows:

Perm Fee

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30-Day Payment Terms

90-Day Guarantee

Discounted Perm Fee

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10-Day Payment Terms

60-Day Guarantee

Pre-Paid Retainer

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Paid Prior to Search Efforts

90-Day Guarantee

Select the fee, payment terms and guarantee that best suits you. Within 1 hour, one of our Recruiters will contact you to make a formal introduction, answer any of your questions and provide you the applicable placement agreement. After receiving your signed placement agreement, we will then immediately begin our search efforts on your behalf.

South Florida IT Staffing has a glowing reputation with employers and job seekers in this area. We are known for being honest & straight forward in our approach to business.

We do not oversell the capabilities of the professional that we represent. We are known for always finding success when filling those hard to fill positions for employers. Our clients are always shocked and rave about our speed and our accuracy. There has never been a negative post written up about our firm on glass door, etc. South Florida IT Staffing & South Florida Staffing Group takes tremendous pride in our unblemished reputation. We cannot compete with the size of our staffing firm competitors, so we focus on surpassing them with the quality & open communication and precision staffing that we offer.