When your company has a long term position for a salaried employee, Permanent Placement is most likely the right option. Our firm charges no fee to find, recruit, pre-qualify, and present to you the best candidates in the industry.

Only after you hire one of them do we charge a fee, and South Florida Staffing offers highly competitive rates. Our three month warranty ensures that your new hire is a perfect fit within your company

Hourly Consultants are typically used for long or short term projects, in situations where a project will be completed and the position will no longer be needed. Other instances when this option is beneficial is when a company wants to fill a position on a trial basis, to see if this addition will truly add to the value of their organization, or when the nature of the position requires a company to see the candidate “in action”.

South Florida Staffing uses the same level of expertise and care in finding, recruiting, and pre-qualifying potential consultants. When a choice is made, South Florida Staffing handles the payroll to the consultant, and then invoices your company, based on the hourly rate.

Again, our rates are the most competitive in our industry. All of South Florida Staffing’s consultants are fully insured with Liability, Professional, and Workers Comp insurances.

Our Fees are as follows:

Perm Fee

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30-Day Payment Terms

90-Day Guarantee

Discounted Perm Fee

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10-Day Payment Terms

60-Day Guarantee

Pre-Paid Retainer

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Paid Prior to Search Efforts

90-Day Guarantee

Select the fee, payment terms and guarantee that best suits you. Within 1 business day, one of our Recruiters will contact you to make a formal introduction, answer any of your questions, ease any of your possible concerns and provide you the applicable placement agreement to sign. After receiving your signed placement agreement, we will then immediately begin our search efforts on your behalf.