Mechanical Design Engineer

Company Details

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Employer: 40+ year, manufacturing and distribution industry leader, headquartered in Miami.

Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

Salary Range: $100,000 – $120,000 + company paid relocation expenses

Minimum Job Requirements

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.A.) in engineering from a four year College or University.

  • Working knowledge of diesel or natural gas engines and their application in engine driven equipment
  • Working knowledge of diesel or natural gas generators
  • Must understand engine specifications
  • Must be able to work with engine governing systems and their adjustments and calibrations
  • Knowledge of EPA laws governing the use of off-road engines
  • Able to design various systems needed for proper engine application. ie cooling system, exhaust system, mounting….
  • Able to complete engine application reviews.
  • Able to design enclosures for engine driven equipment. Generator set enclosures must be compliant with UL2200
  • Able to design integrated sub-base fuel tanks compliant with UL142 and UL2085
  • Able to design trailers from 2,900lbs to 20,000 lbs understanding of DOT’s requirements.
  • Must have vast knowledge of engine driven low voltage power generation (600vac or less).
  • Must be able to properly select AC generators for UL2200, electric motor starting, prime applications, Marine applications, also know losses due to specific voltages and efficiencies.
  • Must be able to design electrical distribution systems. ie circuit breakers, enclosures….
  • Must be able to select,adjust, and calibrate AC voltage regulators for various applications
  • Must have proficient knowledge of generator sets control systems and their various options.
  • Understand generator paralleling systems a plus
  • Able to make pump selection based on a design point.
  • Able to size engines to drive a pump
  • Understanding of different pumping system a plus. ie…irrigation, sewage, axial flow.
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD and Solidworks or some related CAD platform
  • Experience in design and project engineering of mechanical & electrical gensets power generation equipment
  • Ten years of experience in related career field/manufacturing environment.
  • Must have the ability to plan, organize, develop, Implement and interpret the goals & objectives, policies & procedures of the engineering/production business practice.
  • Able to keep our products competitive in an ever changing market.
  • Computer literacy/experience required in a Microsoft environment.